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Okinawa School Specific Supply Lists

For the DoDEA Pacific Supply list,view our Area Supply Page, otherwise click on the links below for your particular school. 

Bechtel ES Supplies
Kadena MS Supplies
Killin ES Supplies
Kinser ES Supplies
Stearley Heights ES Supplies
Zukeran ES Supplies

To register your child(ren) for school please bring the required forms listed below to the school registrar located at the front office of the school your child(ren) will be attending. Please note that your child's school zone and subsequently the school he or she can enroll is determined based on your housing assignment provided to you when you arrive on Okinawa. Typically Okinawa will host a district wide registration event at the beginning of each school year in order for parents to be able to register all their children at once. To find out more information about district wide registration events please contact the District at 634-1204.

Parents with students ALREADY registered for the current school year will need to re-register their child(ren) for each new school year.

Registration vs. Pre-Registration

Pre-Register your child(ren) Online
DoDEA offers online pre-registration in order to reduce the waiting time for registration on site, however pre-registration does NOT complete the registration process nor can it be used to re-register a student.

Military father ringing in the SY with daughter.

School Zoning

School Zone Maps are available at the Family Housing Office, District Office and the Student Transportation Offices. When you are living in temporary billeting your child is zoned for the school in that area.  When you have been assigned permanent housing (on or off base), there is a possibility that your child could be moved to another school, unless you live in the same zoned area.  For more information please contact the District Office, School Registrar or Student Transportation Office.

Entrance Age

Kindergarten students must be five years old on/or before 1 September of the current calendar year to be eligible to register for the upcoming school year.

First Grade students must be six years old on/or before 1 September of the current calendar year to be eligible to register for the upcoming school year.


Required Okinawa Documentation for School Registration

Download or Print the Registration Documentation Checklist

Required Branch of Service Documentation

Air Force: PCS Orders with Dependent names
Marines: PCS Orders and Area Clearance with dependent names
Navy: PCS Orders and Dependent entry approval listing dependent names
Army: PCS Orders with dependent names
Civilian (DoD or NAFI): PCS Orders, Certificate or Employment Letter (Current Personnel Action Form for Local Hire Civilians)
Civilian Contractors: Logistical Support Section of Contract, Company Authorization to Bill for Tuition

Required Registration Forms

DoDEA Privacy Notice

District & School Registrars
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