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Happy Holidays from DoDEA Pacific

Dear DoDEA Pacific Family and Friends:

This is a special time of year full of friendship, festive holidays, laughter and singing, dazzling lights and in some places, snow-filled mischief-after school of course! -aided and abetted by sleds and snowballs.

As we prepare to wind down for the winter recess I want to personally thank you for your exceptional service to our students, families, and country. This has been a particularly busy year and you deserve a well-earned respite from the rigors of planning, providing, and supporting the education of our students. The winter break gives everyone a chance to rest, relax and recharge for the many teaching, leading and learning adventures ahead.

When a quiet moment emerges, please reflect upon your unique contributions to student success and ways to help students and colleagues gain even higher ground on their achievement journey. No matter your role on the DoDEA Pacific team, please remember that you touch the lives of individual children and colleagues each and every day. Even small gestures such as a warm smile, an encouraging word or other random act of kindness can make a big difference. These small gifts cost nothing but have value beyond measure, particularly to those facing separation from loved ones, financial hardship or other personal challenges. Compassion is always is season.

However you choose to celebrate this year, please do so safely and make the most of this special time with colleagues, friends and family alike. Happy holidays and best wishes for abundant personal and professional success in 2014!

Warmest regards,

Dr. Linda L. Curtis
Director, DoDEA Pacific