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Guam High School Opens Doors to Students and Community August 29

For Immediate Release — September 12, 2007 | Pacific
Charles Steitz: Public Affairs Officer | DSN: 644-5657

TORII STATION, OKINAWA , JAPAN — September 12, 2007 — Dr. Nancy Bresell, Director for DoDDS-Pacific/ DDESS-Guam is pleased to announce the opening of a new high school facility in Guam. The major features of the new school include:

• Vigilant focus on safety and security needs, including effective directional signage and closed circuit monitoring;

• Administrative offices and counseling centers located to provide easy accessibility for our students, parents, and allowing visitors to be identified and monitored as they enter the school campus;

• Seamless infusion of instructional technology designed to support all curriculum offerings;

• Classrooms are flexible learning spaces incorporating technology as an integrated learning tool;

• Liberal use of natural lighting and individually adjustable cooling units create safe and comfortable environments to teach and learn;

• Science labs have the appropriate furniture and equipment to allow students to conduct both hands-on experiments as well as computer simulations, and;

• State-of-the-Art gym offers the very best in equipment fused with technology to ensure our students incorporate health and wellness in their daily lives.

Mr. Michael Diekmann, Superintendent for the Guam District, explained the social and economic impact of this facility. “The new Guam High School will provide our students with a state-of-the-art facility in which to learn. It will enable our teachers to incorporate leading edge technology in daily instruction.” Praises by the student body ranged from: “It is super RAD!" Hannah Perkins, to “It’s really big and I get lost sometimes, but I love it,” Amber Watts: The quality has improved and is much better than the old school. It’s easier to get to classes now,” explained Spencer and Royalee Earwood.

“I would like to express my appreciation to everyone involved in establishing this school as a world class center for learning. As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary as a school system on Guam this new facility demonstrates that our number one goal of Highest Student Achievement remains a top priority, ”said Bresell.

On September 29th DoDDS-Pacific/DDESS-Guam will host a 10th Anniversary Celebration.

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