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For Immediate Release — April 15, 2008 | Pacific
Charles Steitz: Public Affairs Officer | DSN: 644-5657



Key DoDEA leaders are scheduled to be visiting our schools from mid April through the first week in May in Japan.

DoDEA leaders including Dr. Shirley Miles, Associate DoDEA Director, Dr. Marc Mossburg, Chief of Curriculum and Mr. Charlie Toth, Assistant Associate Director of Education will be in Japan.  It may be possible to schedule interviews at the New Sanno Hotel between April 21 through April 25.

Suggested topics include:

1) Please explain the purpose of your visit.

2)  What are some of the ways that you use the results of the visits to the Pacific schools to enhance the instructional program offered to our students?

3) What impact will the military transformation have on DoD schools, not only here in the Pacific, but throughout the world?  With a limited number of dollars available through the DoDEA budget, how will our schools in the Pacific maintain equity with the other DoDEA districts, related to school facilities, instructional materials, course offerings, and extra-curricular activities?

4) What innovations do you see coming to DoDEA schools in the areas of technology, new courses, new elementary programs, etc?

5) Please explain the nature of your positions, the challenges you are facing, the direction you see the school system going in the future.

DoDEA is comprised of the Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS), serving dependents of military and civilian employees in foreign countries, and the Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS), serving military dependents in the United States and her territories.

For interviews or additional information, contact:
Charles Steitz
Public Affairs Officer
DSN: 644-5657

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