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DoDEA Pacific's testing and school improvement is held to the same standard as all DoDEA schools.

      DoDEA Pacific Assessment Calendar SY 11-12

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DoDEA policy works with eligible families that choose to homeschool their children as well as with Non DoD school program (NDSP) eligible families to ensure testing is made available.

School Improvement Assessments

Each school develops a unique plan and set of goals based on their school's needs. Each school reviews and revises their Continuous School Improvement plan once a year. In order for the school to measure their progress in accordance with their goals the school may set up local assessment/testing specific and unique to their goals. These assessments are school led and receive support from the District and Area School Improvement specialists.

To contact the area School Improvement & Assessment Specialist:
DSN 644-5568
From U.S. 011-81-611-744-5568

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