DoDEA Pacific Logistics

644-5792 (DSN)
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 The DoDEA Pacific Transportation Offices falls under the Services Branch of Logistics.

Contact a Student Transportation Office

Two kids buckling up on bus.

On & Around School Buses Students Will:

    •    Comply with the Behavior Standards for School Bus Students.
    •    Board and exit the bus in an orderly, safe manner.
    •    Present bus pass when boarding the bus and upon demand.
    •    Remain seated while on the bus.
    •    Talk with other passengers in a normal voice.
    •    Keep all parts of the body inside the bus windows.
    •    Keep aisles, steps, and empty seats free from obstruction.
    •    Remain fully and properly clothed.
    •    Treat the driver and fellow students with respect.
    •    Promptly comply with the bus driver's or monitor's instructions.
    •    Treat the bus and other private property with care.

Students getting off bus at school.

On & Around School Buses Students Will NOT:

    •    Make excessive noise or play electronic equipment without earphones.
    •    Use or possess unacceptable items identified in the school Code of Conduct.
    •    Tamper with bus controls or emergency equipment.
    •    Get on or off the bus while the bus is in motion.
    •    Fight, push, shove, or trip other passengers.
    •    Put objects out of bus windows or hang out of windows.
    •    Engage in horseplay.
    •    Obstruct aisles, steps, or seats.
    •    Engage in public displays of affection.
    •    Eat, drink, or litter on the bus.
    •    Push while boarding or exiting the bus.
    •    Spit.
    •    Harass or interfere with other students.
    •    Disrespect, distract, or interfere with bus driver.
    •    Damage private property.
    •    Sit in the bus driver's seat.
    •    Open or try to open bus door.
    •    Throw or shoot objects inside or out of bus.
    •    Use profane or abusive language, or make obscene gestures.