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Ramstein ES

Policies & Procedures

Arrival at School

Parents of students who walk to school, or are dropped off, are advised not to allow their children to arrive too early. Supervision begins at 7:45 AM. Your cooperation in this matter will greatly enhance the safety and security of our students. Parents must come to the front office to sign their child in if he/she arrives after 0815.

Visitor Guidelines

As a security precaution, visitors are required to sign in at the RES main office, Bldg 996.  You will need to show your ID to obtain a yellow visitor pass allowing you access to the campus.

Changes in After School Pick Up

As a security precaution, the office cannot take any changes by phone. Please send a note or email the teacher. The office staff can let the teacher know to check their email.

If someone other than the parents are picking a child up, they must be listed in the office as an Emergency Contact.


Please call, 480-3996/06371-47-3996, or email regarding absences for illness or appointments before 0915.  For family trips causing more than one day absence from school, please fill out the Excused Absence form in the Office.


There is no parking in front of the school from 0730-0815 and 1400-1515 daily due to the buses.

Drop-Off Parking Behind School
- These spaces were designated by the base to pull up and drop off students.
- Parking and leaving your car in the student drop off spaces warrants a ticket.


Lunch Accounts - Handled through AAFES. Set up through the Customer Service area at the BX (by the Shoe Dept). AAFES will assign an ID number and PIN number for lunch accounts. Free & Reduced Lunch program is handled by the School Liaison Office (Bldg 2118). Please take application along with a current LES to apply.