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ZamaKhan30 Basics

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What is ZamaKhan30?

ZamaKhan30 is a partnership between Zama American HS and to provide a dynamic method for students to improve on areas of weakness in math skills during the first 30 minutes of each Seminar (Zama + Khan + 30).

This three-year initiative (SYs 15-16, 16-17, and 17-18) is a result of analyzing ZAHS student assessment data, indicating the need to set a goal to improve student math achievement school-wide. ZamaKhan30 is the method for seeing that happen.

Recently, all students took a 'common' internal math assessment to determine student weaknesses in math concepts on which many ZAHS students have historically tested poorly, according to the data. Based on their results, each student has an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that determines on which concepts they will focus.

For more information, you may view a PowerPoint presented by Dr. Mowen to students regarding ZamaKhan30 by clicking here.

PLEASE NOTE: There have been changes to the procedures for students completing ZamaKhan30 activities (as of 1/15/16).  Please view the ZamaKhan30 Update video for these updated procedures.

I'm a new student to ZAHS.  How do I get started on ZamaKhan30?

Your Seminar teacher, or another student, should help you go through the steps outlined in the document below.  You can then get started with completing activities in this month's ZamaKhan30 topic.

ZK30 Flow Chart tb Finding Your ZamaKhan30 Activities

If you scored below 60% on the current period's ZamaKhan30 topics, you will have a 'Yes' in the last column of your Individual Development Plan (IDP), and you will work on the mission listed in the fourth column of your IDP for that weakness area. Click the flow chart to the right to view the steps.

If you don't have a 'Yes' in the current period's block, you will work on SAT prep practice during ZamaKhan30 ( click here for more info).

To access the activities you need to complete, click the Khan Academy quick link at the top of this page, complete the mission warm-up, and then begin working on the recommendations listed

NOTE: If you have a 'Yes in the current period's block but have no 'recommendations' listed after completing the procedure above, please notify your Seminar teacher.

I don't have an 'X' in the current period's topic. How do I complete the SAT practice activities?

If you don't have a 'Yes' in the current period's block, that means that you scored above 60% on the internal assessment items for the current ZamaKhan30 topic. Instead of working on that topic, you will instead complete enrichment activities to help prepare you for the SAT.

You will need to track the time you have spent on SAT prep during the month by visiting the SAT Prep Online Time Log at the end of each ZamaKhan30.  It's also recommended that you keep a hard copy time log; you can download and print a PDF of the SAT prep time log by clicking here.  It is also recommended that you 'print' results pages to Google Drive.  Instructions can be found here.

To complete the SAT Prep activities, click here and follow these steps (click the image to advance to the next step):

If the images do not appear below, visit this page to view it in another window.