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ZHS Nursing Services


The Zama American High School Health Office is staffed by one full-time Registered Nurse, who is shared with Zama American Middle School.

The Health Office consists of a fully equipped treatment room, two beds and an accessible bathroom, and is located in the Zama Middle School administrative office Building 911 and is co-located with the school library. Office hours are from 7:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. from Monday to Friday, except on Federal holidays, professional development training, and school breaks.


Treatment in the Health Clinic

Students are welcome to see the health nurse anytime they don’t feel well or have medical/health concerns. However, a pass from the teacher is required except during lunch or for urgent reasons.

In addition to providing basic first aid and nursing measures to an injured or ill student, the nurse helps students to understand their health problems, to manage their health needs at home, and to recognize symptoms that will necessitate evaluation by physician. Parents or sponsors will be notified in case of severe injury, symptoms that don’t improve or resolve with nursing measures, or a condition that needs further evaluation or management (examples include seizure, severe respiratory distress, communicable disease, systemic allergic reaction, injury requiring sutures, fractures, dental injuries, soft tissue injuries). Students must not leave the building because of illness without authorization. Student phone calls to parents regarding illness should be conducted at the nurse’s office.


Medication Administration

Do not send any medication to school without an appropriate medication form completed – the nurse will not administer it. Treatment schedules that allow doses of medication to be given at times other than during school hours are encouraged. However, prescribed medications (daily, for short-term use like antibiotics, as needed use, or for emergencies like Epi-pen and inhalers) will only be administered by the nurse with a Hold Harmless Letter signed both by the parent and the prescribing physician. The written order from a licensed medical provider must include name, strength, and dosage of the medication, time and frequency of administration, and duration of the order. All prescription drugs must be in a pharmacy labeled container, marked with student’s name, name of the drug, amount and time to be administered. Parents must notify the nurse concerning any changes in the prescribed dosage. Forms are available in the health office and from your local clinic. A new form must be provided each school year for each medication. Students are not permitted to carry any medications with them, except those students who use a personal inhaler and have a signed parent and physician HHL on file in the health office.