Dr. Adrian B. Talley

Principal Deputy Director & Associate Director for Education
Dr. Adrian Talley

Adrian B. Talley
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Dr. Adrian B. Talley has served as Principal Deputy Director and Associate Director for Education for the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), since September 4, 2012.

As DoDEA's Principal Deputy Director and Associate Director for Education, Dr. Talley is responsible for the instructional and educational programs in DoDEA's 181 schools and over 78,000 military connected students worldwide. He oversees personnel operations involving more than 15,000 DoDEA employees who support military families overseas and in the United States and its territories.

Dr. Talley is no stranger to military communities. His father retired from the U.S. Air Force with 23 years of service. He and his family have lived in military communities at Tachikawa Air Force Base, Japan; March Air Force Base, Calif.; Caserne Lariboisiere Headquarters Detachment, Fointainebleau, France; Ent Air Force Base, Colorado; Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany; Nellis Air Force Base, Nev.; and Loring Air Force Base, Maine. Dr. Talley began his educational journey in Kindergarten at Spangdahlem Air Base.

Prior to joining DoDEA, Dr. Talley served as the associate superintendent for the Office of Shared Accountability (OSA) in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in Maryland. His office oversaw the Department of Policy, Records, and Reporting, the Applied Research Unit, Program Evaluation Unit, Internal Curriculum Audit Unit, and the Testing Unit, all of which provided information and analysis to support continuous improvement of both academic and operational services within the school system. MCPS is the 16th largest school district within the United States with more than 146,000 students and 200 schools.

Dr. Talley was also one of six community superintendents for MCPS responsible for the Clarksburg, Damascus, Gaithersburg, Magruder, and Watkins Mill Clusters. In this position, he directly supported and supervised 40 schools with approximately 30,000 students. He was also the MCPS director of school performance.

Before he became a central office administrator, Dr. Talley was the principal of Rosemont Elementary School in Gaithersburg, Maryland and was principal of Hutchinson Elementary School in Pelham, New York. Dr. Talley taught in both Montgomery County, Maryland and in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Dr. Talley earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from the University of Virginia, his Masters of Arts degree in Higher Education Administration from Boston College and his Doctorate degree from George Washington University in Education Administration and Policy Study. Dr. Talley has presented at both local and national conferences on a variety of topics ranging from effectively using Title 1 funding to systematic approaches to closing the achievement gap.

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