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DoDEA manages $1.9 billion to operate our school system. Accountability is paramount. We have implemented a process for prioritizing mission requirements and allocating limited discretionary funds. Managers from every level of DoDEA now participate in that process. As a result we are able to more efficiently and effectively manage our funds.

Of the annual DoDEA budget, approximately 65 percent is devoted to payroll expenses, including overseas living quarters and post allowances.

The Non-DoD Schools Program (NDSP) supports 3, 429 students in 188 countries throughout the world at an annual cost of over $50 million.

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FY 2014 DoDEA Appropriated Funds
$1.9 Billion of Total Oversight
facts_Salaries64% - Salaries
facts_BSAP2% - BSAP
facts_FSRM5% - FSRM
facts_Grants2% - Grants
facts_Education2%- Educational Iniatives
facts_Operations18% - Operations
facts_Special 5% - NDSP & Special Arrangements
facts_Requirements2% - School Requirements