Dr. Nancy C. Bresell

Director, DoDDS Europe
Dr. Nancy C. Bresell

Dr. Nancy Bresell

Dr. Nancy Bresell returns to the DoDDS-Europe schools this 2009-2010 school year to serve as Director for the five European school districts comprising 81 schools. In this capacity she oversees the operations for dependents education in Europe, Turkey, and Brahrain. Dr. Bresell is responsible to the Director of the Department of Defense Education Activity.

Since 1997 she served as the Director for the DoDDS-Pacific schools. In this capacity she oversaw the educational and support operations for DoD dependents education in the Japan, Korea, and Okinawa school districts, directed the development of educational policy in the Pacific area, and oversaw curriculum, instruction, and assessment for DoDDS-Pacific schools. Additionally, Dr. Bresell had oversight of the Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS) Guam District.

Prior to her assignment as Director, Dr. Bresell served as Deputy Director for DoDDS Pacific. In her career with DoDDS, she has held several administrative positions including superintendent of schools for DoDDS Japan and Wuerzburg districts, as well as principal, assistant principal, special education coordinator, and personnel specialist in DoDDS Germany.

Dr. Bresell taught graduate level courses for the National College of Education, master of teaching program. Professionally she has been selected to participate in the Academy of Fellows, a prestigious group of educational administrators, and in the Superintendents' Work Conference at Columbia University. She was recognized by Phi Delta Kappa with their Member of the Year Award in 1992 for her professional leadership and contributions to education in Germany.

Dr. Bresell graduated Cum Laude and "With Honors in Psychology" from Lake Erie College, Ohio. She received her master's degree in elementary and special education from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania. She earned her doctorate from the University of Southern California in educational administration and supervision.

A native of Claremont, New Hampshire, Dr. Bresell began her teaching career in Pennsylvania. Her first appointment with DoDDS was as a learning disabilities teacher in Mainz, Germany, in 1976.

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