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The states that have adopted the Common Core State Standards are currently collaborating to develop common assessments that will be aligned to the Standards and replace existing end-of-year state tests. The assessments are expected to address critical thinking and include results from performance-based tasks which will inform the learning process. As new assessments are put in place, the goal is to shift from a paper/pencil environment toward a computer-based platform.

Capitalizing on the use of digital resources, these assessments are aligned to be easily aggregated. As a result, acquired data will present a complete picture of student learning which will enable educators to effectively differentiate instruction.

The Common Core State Standards assessments are grounded in the following principles:

  • Allow for comparison across students, schools, districts, states and nations;
  • Create economies of scale;
  • Provide information and support more effective teaching and learning; and
  • Prepare students for college and careers.