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Cairo Situation Update

Updated 7/19/2013

Important Information for Students and Families of the Non-DoD Schools Program in Cairo, Egypt

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is assisting students in the Non-DoD Schools Program (NDSP) affected by the evacuation from Cairo, Egypt. The NDSP serves students who live in overseas areas not served by a DoDEA school. The program provides educational and financial support to enable students to attend local public and private schools or to receive home-based education.

Families that evacuate from Cairo have been returning to their Home of Record/CONUS Safe haven in accordance with Department of State (DoS) guidance.

Important information for students and families follows:

  • Students residing in the Continental United States (CONUS) are no longer eligible for NDSP financial support for private school enrollment.
  • Upon their return to CONUS, students will enroll in the local public schools or other programs of their parent's choice.
  • Students enrolled in home-school programs at NDSP expense while in Cairo will be permitted to complete the program at no cost to the sponsor.

DoDEA's priority will be assisting students and families with transitions to CONUS schools. DoDEA has contacted each school in Cairo to offer assistance in transmitting student records.

DoDEA will:

  • Make arrangements for Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and special needs assessment reports to be provided if they are requested.
  • Provide liaison and information to CONUS school systems to clarify Cairo school transcripts and other academic records.
  • Facilitate re-enrollment/entrance of students returning to schools in Cairo upon Department of State termination of the ordered departure.

The NDSP Staff is aware of the challenges you face at this difficult time. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance regarding educational services as you transition your children to their new schools. We may be contacted in the following ways.

Points of Contact:

General Inquiries:

Kirsten Webb
DoDEA NDSP Program

High School Transition Support

Kevin O'Brien
DoDEA Europe
Instructional System Specialist
DSN 338-7359
Outside Germany: +49-611-380-7359
Fax +49-611-380-7671
In Germany: 0611-380-7359
Fax 0611-380-7671

Elementary and Middle School Support

Sharon Gancarcik
NDSP Education
Instructional System Specialist
DSN 338-7727
Outside Germany +49-611-380-7727
FAX +49-611 380-7565
In Germany 0611-380-7727
FAX 0611-380-7565 Email:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I understand that families evacuated from Cairo are to return to their home of record/CONUS Safe Haven in accordance with State Department guidance. What kind of support can we get from DoDEA in registering our children in schools?
A: The NDSP staff is ready to assist with registration. Staff members are knowledgeable on issues ranging from preschool through 12th grade. We may not have all of the answers, but we have a bank of resources and can provide assistance or a point of contact on any educational issue. Do not hesitate to contact us in the event you have a question.

Q: My child is on an IEP. How will that plan transition to their new school?
A: An NDSP IEP is comparable to a DoDEA IEP and should be initially (usually up to 45 days) honored in every state However, criterion for assessment and identification are different in every state, so a student may require additional assessments, observations, medical reports, etc., to re determine eligibility. NDSP staff will support families throughout the process and provide documentation needed to support the new school. We have hard copies of our NDSP files stored in the Wiesbaden Germany office building and can forward them to the new school.

Q: My child's school records are in Cairo. How can we get their records to their new school?
A: NDSP staff has made initial contact with the schools in Egypt and we hope to be able to assist with obtaining your school records. In the event we are not able to retrieve your official school records NDSP staff, in conjunction with DoDEA schools, will attempt to replicate records to fulfill registration requirements.

Q: What kids of allowances will be made for immunization requirements in my child's new school?
A: Each school will have a different immunization policy. NDSP staff is ready to assist you in enrollment and registration including immunization policies. Please contact us directly for assistance.

Q: My child is in high school and had to leave their classes in mid-semester. How can we ensure they get enrolled in the proper courses to get credit and graduate?
A: The NDSP staff is a trained and experienced reading transcript, researching graduation requirements, and assisting with post-secondary plans. We also have our virtual school counselors ready to assist when needed. Our virtual school remains an alternative for students evacuated from Egypt.

Latest News from the Superintendent  Cairo American College (CAC)

Dear Community:

Greetings. I am writing from the US, where I am following events in Egypt, as I imagine you are, too. This is a time of much anxiety for our community, and I share your concerns about 'what comes next for CAC?' and I know that each of you is thinking about your own child's education for the coming school year, and wondering where CAC fits into those plans.

CAC intends, at this point, to open on schedule August 19 with new student orientation August 18. We anticipate strong enrollment, with a busy year ahead, full of the usual array of CAC academics and activities. It will be another great year of learning at CAC, but also a year that starts with challenges. We know that some families have been affected by ordered departures, but we expect all other students to return. We sincerely hope you will be with us for the important events that will start our 2013-14 school year. Knowing some of you are under ordered departure, the following will guide our work with students who are not in Egypt, and will, I hope, help you make informed decisions.

  1. We strongly encourage parents who were ordered to depart and are unable to be back in Cairo by August 19 to enroll their sons/daughters in schools where you are located to start the school year.
  2. Teachers will be teaching their scheduled load of classes (ie: working full days with kids on campus) and the Administration does not feel it is realistic for CAC to provide full-scale online courses for those unable to be in Cairo.
  3. CAC will provide limited online learning support until September 30, 2013. It is our suggestion that families use this benchmark date to determine if their children will rejoin CAC as of October 5th, or remain in a different schooling environment for the full trimester/semester/year. Please do communicate your plans with our admission office so we can have the most accurate information about students planning to re-enroll or stay in school elsewhere.
  4. CAC's online learning support to students will include online study guides for courses in which self study/mastery of the content is practical and appropriate. This will include the unit and content being covered at CAC (and ISBN information for full text support), learning objectives, additional resources for self-teaching at home and assessment tools for evaluating content understanding by students at home. Please note that teachers will not grade/provide feedback to online students, but will post all necessary documents and/or tools for students to self-assess their content knowledge.
  5. While it is not expected that students will do a full load of work for domestic schools and also follow the full curriculum posted on line by CAC, students who do return to CAC will be expected to have become acquainted with the content covered by their CAC courses, and be ready--with a minimum of extra assistance--to rejoin their CAC courses mid-stream.
  6. CAC will recognize the days of attendance accrued in domestic schools toward attendance credit for CAC courses provided a progress report (including attendance and "grades to date") accompanies students who return to CAC. CAC understands that some schools begin their school year later than we do and, as such, students attending their domestic school on the first published day of school will be exempted from the difference in the attendance expectation represented by CAC's earlier start date. CAC may grant full or partial credit for work completed in a domestic school. CAC reserves the right not to accept grades or marks from other schools attended during the evacuation; students will not be penalized academically for missing CAC assignments while away from CAC.
  7. IB and AP students will need to investigate carefully and thoroughly the offerings of new schools as they work towards their IB diplomas or AP exams. CAC intends--at this point--to offer all the IB and AP courses currently scheduled for the 2013-14 school year, but may have to make changes based on actual student population in August. CAC may not be able to match precisely IB courses initiated in other school systems. CAC's IB Coordinator and teaching staff will work closely with evacuated/returning students to ensure the highest likelihood of achieving each student's goals with regards to the IB diploma.

We hope that we will be working closely with your families in the coming months as we work together to support our community through these exciting but challenging times in Egypt. Kind regards,

Wayne Rutherford

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