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DoDEA Director Visits Europe Schools

DoDEA Director Visits Weisbaden Germany

DoDEA Director Visits Schools in Brussels

Mr. Brady visits Europe and during his visit he visited Brussels

DoDEA Director Visits Ramstein

DoDEA Director Visits Baumholder MS/HS

Mr. Tom Brady visits Baumholder MS/HS

DoDEA Director Mr. Thomas M. Brady, recently visited Schools in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands during his visit to Europe.  In his Entry Plan, Mr. Brady emphasized his intent to Look, Listen and Learn during his first 100 days on the job.  Three primary areas of focus will be: Understanding DoDEA; Analyzing Critical Issues; and Communicating Effectively and Engaging the Community. Before the end of School year 2014-2015, Mr. Brady’s goal is to visit as many DoDEA Schools as possible. Please feel free to visit our Flickr site to review more photos from his visit.


Where in the world is Mr. Brady?
Track Mr. Brady on his journey to visit DoDEA Schools around the world.