About Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country. Although the start end dates can vary slightly depending on the organization and source, Red Ribbon Week generally takes place the last full week in October, with the weekends before and following the last full week included as appropriate celebration dates. This year Red Ribbon Week will be celebrated October 23-31, 2013. 

The 2013 Red Ribbon Theme: A Healthy Me Is Drug Free®

NFP13 PosterCongratulations to Aly Falck, a 7th grader in Solon, Ohio, for creating the 2013 Red Ribbon Theme. 

Aly's digital arts teacher, Cheryl Holsapfel, learned about the National Family Partnership’s 2013 Red Ribbon Theme Contest from her school principal, Genie Green, at Solon Middle School and thought it would be a great opportunity for a “teachable moment” to talk to her students about drugs. More info...

Check Out The 2013 Red Ribbon Planning Guide

2013 ebook for RRW The Red Ribbon Planning Guide has great information about this year's campaign message, ideas for celebrating Red Ribbon in your community, media templates and more. Click here to download the planning guide or below to read the planning guide.

To assist with the weeks activities:

National Family Partnership
The National Family Partnership, national sponsor of the Red Ribbon Campaign, provides a complete Parent/School Planning Guide.
Partnership for a Drug-Free America
Partners for a Drug Free American offers parents information and tools for parents to use to help their child avoid drugs and alcohol during the critical time of brain development.
Prevention Partners Together
Prevention Partners offers prevention and awareness activities designed for children of all ages to help teachers, students, and parents plan a Red Ribbon Week campaign.