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Updating your Password

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Updating your Password

Occasionally you may need to update your password prior to Aspen prompting you to. We STRONGLY recommend that your Aspen password match your Active Directory (or Network/Windows) password. The Aspen password is set to expire every 60 days, just as your network password is. Because of this you may find you need to update your Aspen password, to ensure that the two passwords match.

Updating Your Password

  1. Log into Aspen
  2. In the upper right hand corner click Set Preferences
     Updating your Password - Set Preferences
  3. Click on the Security tab in the pop-up box.
     Updating your Password - Image 2
  4. Click on the blue Change link, this will expand the pop-up box to include the fields necessary to change your password.
     Updating your Password - Image 3
  5. Enter your new password in the New password box and re-enter it in the Confirm new password box.
    Updating your Password - Image 4
  6. Click OK.
Updating your Password - Image 6

Note: If you receive a message that your password does not meet the Requirements you can click on the Click to view link. This will show you the Aspen password requirements.