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For Immediate Release — August 22, 2006 | HQ
: DoDEA Educational Communications Officer | (703) 588-3260

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — August 22, 2006 — The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) announced today that it will implement a revised Community Strategic Plan (CSP). This plan contains the strategic direction for DoDEA for the years 2006-2011, and updates the strategic planning process begun in 2001. This plan provides the strategic direction for all DoDEA schools, yet provides the flexibility to address unique issues and challenges that each program and each community must address.

The process used to develop this five-year plan included representation from DoDEA constituencies around the globe. This leadership team of parents, military leaders, and educators used a process characterized by intensity, focus, and consensus. They reviewed and reevaluated the existing plan and supporting research. The revised plan was reviewed in June by the Dependents Education Council (DEC), consisting of senior military members from commands worldwide. The final document includes a vision, mission, guiding principles, four goals, outcomes, measures, and milestones.

In announcing the launch of the revised plan, DoDEA Director, Dr. Joseph Tafoya said, "The new CSP will help us continue to better target resources to effectively leverage student achievement, measure system effectiveness, guide education policy, and plan for the challenges the system will face in the future." Dr. Tafoya noted that the CSP has served as a springboard for educational, funding, and organizational improvements. "It has also been the catalyst for change in the teaching and learning process and helped to raise the standard of learning to ensure excellence," said Tafoya.

As a result of the strategic planning process, DoDEA was able to expand early intervention programs such as Sure Start, develop curriculum content standards based on national standards, increase availability of computers in the classroom, improve connectivity, initiate major improvements in secondary programs and in special education, emphasize accountability through a system-wide school improvement process, provide staff development to improve skills of teachers, and increase the graduation requirements and the range or rigorous courses available to high school students. "These and other successful initiatives are directly attributable to the Community Strategic Plan," said Tafoya.

At the community level, the DoDEA CSP guides the work of local schools as they identify areas for improvement. The process is data driven with school measuring progress against the CSP goals by using results from standardized test results and other assessment tools. Of the four goals in the CSP, the first, which focuses on highest student achievement, is the most important. Schools identify areas of improvement and design strategies to improve instruction and ensure increased achievement for all students. The remaining three goals are support goals, focusing on management systems, the workforce, and partnerships to support achievement.

DoDEA's CSP is being prepared for printing, and a communication plan implemented to ensure that employees, parents, students, and interested community members are fully aware of the strategic direction that DoDEA has chosen for the next five years. "As we head into the new school year, we will regularly inform teachers, parents, and community leaders about the plan," said Tafoya. "More importantly, we will renew our efforts to seek the involvement of parents and commanders at all levels in the school improvement process." The process at the grassroots level, according to Tafoya, develops strategies to address local school needs and limitations. "I welcome the interest, support, and involvement of entire communities as we initiate this new plan," remarked Tafoya. "As educators and parents, we share a mutual obligation to ensure success and make a difference for all children in our military communities."

Details on the revised CSP are available at every DoDEA school or ext time you are in the building, ask us for a copy of the CSP or visit the DoDEA website at

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