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For Immediate Release — August 22, 2006 | HQ
: DoDEA Educational Communications Officer | (703) 588-3260

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — August 22, 2006 — Beginning this fall, DoDEA will introduce Spanish as a foreign language at selected elementary schools across the system and introductory Chinese courses at selected middle schools and high schools.

The elementary school Spanish offerings are titled, Foreign Language in the Elementary School or FLES. A total of 27 schools will begin the program. By introducing this new program, DoDEA hopes to build capacity in Foreign Languages by starting language learning at the earliest age possible. The FLES pilot will test the feasibility of foreign language as an integral part of the core curriculum for all K-8 students. Officials note that the continued implementation of the Foreign Language Initiative in future years is dependent upon funding. Throughout this pilot year, the program's implementation will be evaluated by headquarter's leadership in order to support the program and make necessary adjustments along the way.

School officials believe that all students can enjoy and be successful in learning foreign languages. The curriculum establishes new foreign language standards based on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Standards and sets attainable proficiency expectations.

Both the FLES program and the Chinese program support the national "Call to Action and Leadership" developed by the President to implement a national foreign language strategy. This movement promotes "a vision in which the United States is a stronger, global leader through proficiency in foreign languages and understanding of the cultures of the world".

DoDEA hopes to increase the level of language proficiency and number of students participating in all foreign languages, grades 9-12. Officials plan, in the future, to add more new languages those currently offered and provide sufficient time and intensity for students to reach high levels of proficiency by graduation.

The plans for SY 2006-2007 include the following:
  • FLES Start-ups in 27 schools (9 in Europe, 8 in the Pacific, and 10 in DDESS
  • Focus on Grades K-1
  • Training for Principals and Teachers

The DoDEA FLES Program
  • FL will be compulsory in grades K-5 (6)
  • FLES is taught at a minimum of 90 minutes per week
  • New FL programs begin in selected pilot schools in all 3 areas expanded to all schools within 4 years
  • ES students should attain exit point "Novice" FL proficiency

  • Implement Chinese I in 6 schools (2 in DDESS and 4 in the Pacific)
  • Training for teachers in Summer 06

A listing of schools beginning the FLES Spanish program this year follows:
Schools List for 2006/2007
Europe Pacific (incl. Guam) DDESS
1. Boeblingen ES/MS 1. Yokota East ES 1. Ashurst ES
2. Feltwell ES 2. Yokota West ES 2. Devers ES
3. Hainerberg ES 3. Osan ES 3. Fort Rucker PS
4. Lakenheath ES 4. Seoul ES 4. Jackson ES
5. Patch ES 5. Stearley Heights ES 5. Johnson PS
6. Ramstein ES 6. Bob Hope PS 6. Loyd ES
7. Robinson Barracks ES 7. Andersen ES 7. Pierce Terrace ES
8. Rota ES 8. McCool ES/MS 8. Russell ES
9. Aviano ES   9. Van Voorhis ES
    10. West Point ES

For more information on the DoDEA Foreign Language Initiative, contact Ms.Taffy Corrigan at (703) 588-3104