NDSP: School Changes and Withdrawals

School changes may occur:

  1. During the regular re-registration period for the next school year. Please review the re-registration information.
  2. OR

  3. If outside of the re-registration period, a change of school request is submitted to with the following documentation:
    • DoDEA Form 610  It is NOT necessary to complete the Part II- ( To be completed by Commander) section of the form
    • School calendar and fee schedule

It is also required to complete the Family Budget Planning Tool to understand your costs at the new school. Submit the completed document to

NOTE:  The Non-DoD Schools Program (NDSP) pays one-time fees (i.e. admission, registration, matriculation, laboratory, library, group sports class fees, required "donations", building and maintenance fees, etc.) only once during a sponsor's tour of duty unless the school does not provide the next grade level.(elementary school to middle school).


When a parent withdraws a dependent from a school, the sponsor must notify three offices: 

  1. The school the student is attending, 
  2. The local NDSP Liaison, and 
  3. The Non-DoD Schools Program Administrative Office at HQ DoDEA NDSP.