NDSP: School Changes and Withdrawals

School Changes:

In subsequent years, no additional documentation is required unless the student changes schools, family residence changes, mode of transportation has changed, or the sponsor's tour of duty has been extended.


When a parent withdraws a dependent from a school, the sponsor must notify three offices: 

  1. The school the student is attending, 
  2. The local NDSP Liaison, and 
  3. The Non-DoD Schools Program Administrative Office at HQ DoDEA NDSP.

School Changes:

If for some reason, the sponsor wishes to have their dependent change schools, a new DoDEA Form 610 must be submitted to the NDSP Administrative Office at HQ DoDEA NDSP. Sponsors must seek an exception to policy if they decide to change schools for their dependents. Any requests for exception to policy must be endorsed by an O6 or above; documentation must be forwarded through your NDSP Liaison/POC to HQ DoDEA. Note: The Non-DoD Schools Program pays one-time fees (i.e., building and maintenance fees, admission fees, registration and matriculation fees if listed on the school's fee schedule, laboratory, library, group sports class fees, and required "donations") only once during a sponsor's tour of duty.