NDSP: Education Related Expenses

What expenses are reimbursable and which are not?

The Education Allowance, set by the Department of State Standardized Regulations (DSSR), is designed to assist in defraying those costs necessary to obtain educational services which are ordinarily provided without charge by the public schools in the United States. The" At Post" rate provides the educational rate for the specific location In those cases where adequate schools are available at the sponsor’s post. If the DSSR "Away from Post" rate is higher than the "At Post" rate, boarding school may be authorized for grades 6-12. If eligible for boarding school using the "Away from Post" rate, the cost of room and board in addition to transportation once at the beginning of the year from duty location to school and once at the end of the school year from school to the duty location up to the DSSR rate is allowed.

The Non-DoD Schools Program pays one-time fees or special costs (i.e., building and maintenance fees, admission fees, registration, etc.) , if listed on the school’s fee schedule and only once during a sponsor’s tour of duty.  Exceptions apply when:

  1. The non-DoD school attended does not offer the next grade, e.g., elementary to middle or middle to high school, or the appropriate program;
  2. The non-DoD school is not able to accommodate the needs of the child and recommends another school, or;
  3. The sponsor is transferred.


Allowable Expenses Non-Allowable Expenses
  • Basic tuition for required courses;
  • Necessary elective courses offered by the
  • Required Fees such as laboratory, library, registration, matriculation, building/
    development, testing required by the local
    school, and required "donations";
  • Books and classroom fees for materials
    furnished by the school which are consumed
    on the premises, e.g. Home Economics, Art,
    and Shop materials;
  • Textbooks for religious instruction;
  • Lost or damaged books;
  • School supplies such as paper, pencils, pens, calculators, laptops, dictionaries, thesauri,
    and items that have broader use than the
    course being studied;
  • Computers, keyboards, printers, televisions, scanners, etc.;
  • Lunches, uniforms (daily attire or physical education), elective courses for dancing,
    horseback riding, sports or other specialized instruction, laundry, locker and towel fees, admissions to school events, yearbooks,
    graduation expenses, personal expenses,
    and other items not ordinarily provided free
    of charge by public schools in the U.S.
  • Fees not authorized will not be included in the
    basic tuition fees.  Special education services, tutoring, and supplemental courses must have PRIOR approval.
Note:  Costs for the education of dependents of DoD sponsors assigned to or employed by the DoD Security Assistance Program (FMS, SAO, MDAO) will be funded by the sponsor's organization.  However, approval of educational programs and supplementary education requests are DoDEA's responsibility. Non-DoD Schools Program policies apply.

Home-Based Education

  • Parents electing to provide home-schooling instruction rather than enrolling their child in a local school must:
    • Become aware of and comply with the Host Nation requirements for home schooling;
    • Select or develop a home-based education program and complete the Home-Based Education Plan;
    • Enroll in NDSP.
Allowable Expenses
  • Traditional curriculum and other supplemental materials as may be appropriate;
  • Course-specific instructional CDs/software, textbooks on a grade/age appropriate basis;
  • Group participation in extracurricular activities that are normally free of charge in the U.S.,;
  • Fees for curriculum-related on-line internet services such as study programs, library services, and
    distance learning. 
  • Rental of curriculum related equipment (microscope) or very large band instruments (Sousaphone)
    that would normally be provided by U.S. public schools; and
  • Required testing materials, advisory teaching service, tuition charges, lesson postage and shipping
Note: The maximum allowable school-year rate for home-based educational programming which includes homeschooling and Virtual Schools is $10,600 for grades kindergarten through eight and $18,200 for grades nine through twelve. If the local school/grade is adequate, according to the Department of State Standardized Regulations (DSSR), reimbursement is limited to the school at post rate if it is lower than the home based instruction rate.

Invoices and Reimbursement

Allowable Expenses

Invoices for authorized expenses should be submitted by one method only to include:

Note: Allow thirty to thirty-five days for processing purposes. In most cases, payment will be made by the nearest Department of Defense or Department of State disbursing office.

Sponsors are responsible for notifying NDSP if a dependent changes schools; there is a Permanent Change of Duty Station (PCS); Early Dependent Return; etc. Costs incurred due to lack of notification by the sponsor to NDSP will be the sponsor's responsibility.

*For Special Education DSSR rates, please contact the NDSP HQ Team.