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Family Budget Planning Tool


DoDEA Directive 1342.13
Eligibility Requirements for Education of Elementary and Secondary School-age Dependents in Overseas Areas 1342.13
DoDEA Regulation 1035.1 - Use of Non-DoD Schools
Use of Non-DoD Schools 1035.1
NDSP Memo Regarding Reg 1035.1
Memo to alert DoDEA changes to Regs 1035.1 Use of Non-DoD Schools for 2013-14 School Year
NDSP Placement Table
DoDEA Guidance November 2005, Students in Locations not Served by DoDEA

Helpful Links and Information

The following websites have specific information on school locations and services provided:

The Exceptional Advocate
A newsletter for military families with special needs


Choosing an International School

The following checklist is designed to help you make an informed decision about the right school for your child.