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NDSP Resources


1315.18 - Procedures for Military Personnel Assignments
Establishes policy and procedure for assignment/PCS plus overseas tour length for Service members.
1315.19 Authorizing Special Needs Family Members Travel Overseas at Government
Authorizes special needs family member travel overseas.
1342.12 Provision of Early Intervention and Special Education Services to Eligible DoD Dependents
Establishes early intervention and special education services for eligible DoD dependents
Department of Defense Instructions 1400.25
Establishes policy and procedure for civilian personnel management within the DoD
DoDEA AI 5035.01 - Provision of Financial Assistance and Support for Education of Eligible Department of Defense Dependents in Overseas Locations
Establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for the education of eligible dependents of DoD personnel at overseas locations where there are no schools operated by DoD.
DoDEA Directive 1342.13
Provides eligibility requirements for the education of elementary and secondary school-age dependents in overseas areas
NDSP At a Glance
A Quick Contact Us Sheet with all phone numbers

Non-DoD School Listings
An Excel Spread Sheet that list all the Non-DoD Schools all over the world.

NDSP Welcome Brochure
Provides overview of processes, resource links, contact information, and eligibility for the NDSP.
Choosing an International School Checklist
This resource provides topics to consider when looking at different international schools, such as “what are the class sizes?” and “what type of curriculum does the school use?”
NDSP Parent Guide to British Education
Use this comprehensive guide to better understand the differences between British curriculum and U.S. curriculum, types of schools in the United Kingdom, things to think about when choosing a school, and British education terms.
NDSP Directive 14E001
Boarding School - Student Education Travel
Comparison School Systems Grade Equivalents
This chart explains the grade equivalent of other countries to U.S. grade equivalents (e.g. The Netherlands and the UK use a different system).
Non-English School Guidance
Provides key information to be aware of when selecting a Non-English Speaking School
NDSP Orientation
eBook provides an overview of the important policies, procedures and guidelines for the NDSP.