NDSP: Transportation

Transportation "At Post" - school at duty location

Local Transportation:  Transportation expenses are paid/reimbursed up to the DSSR rate for the duty location. One round trip per day is allowed to school and return. The one-way distance must exceed one mile to qualify for payment/reimbursement. Sponsors may not claim POV mileage from the home to the transportation point of pick-up. Sponsors electing to live outside the commuting area required to pay for transportation of their dependents to the nearest point in the commuting area served by the non-DoD school or established by the local commander.

Transportation expenses are paid/reimbursed in the following order:

  1. Transportation is provided or arranged by the school or by the U.S. government (e.g. Embassy contracted bus).
  2. If neither school transportation nor U.S. government transportation is available, sponsors may use commercial transportation (e.g. buses, trains, or taxis) or POV mileage may be claimed using the Defense Travel Management Office Mileage Rates.

Sponsors may choose to transport their children at their own expense.

Transportation for Boarding School Students Using the DSSR “Away from Post” Rate:

  • NDSP will fund transportation from the duty station to school once at the beginning of the school year and transportation from school to the duty station once at the end of the school year up to the DSSR rate.
  • Student must be on official travel orders issued by the Service, Command or Agency.
  • Note: Sponsor is required to remove student from Cost of Living Allowances (COLA) when the student is away from post.

Memorandum for Families of Students Enrolled in Boarding Schools Using the Away From Post Rate (May 2014) 


Reimbursement process for transportation for boarding school students:
  1. The Military Finance Point-of-Contact (POC) will need to provide the NDSP with documents related to the travel reimbursement claim to include a copy of the traveler's orders, the 1351-2 (travel voucher) and supporting receipts. The name of the Military Finance POC along with contact information needs to be included with the documentation. The travel reimbursement costs will be combined with the education costs so that the combined reimbursement does not exceed the DSSR Education Allowance.
  2. The travel reimbursement claim package should be emailed to ndsp.administration@hq.dodea.edu. Include in the subject of the email: Boarding School Transportation along with the sponsor’s country location.
  3. The NDSP will work with the Military POC to reimburse the service.