Fort Campbell High School

Brittany Westover is the daughter of SGT Kevin and Michelle Dunn. She is planning a November wedding to a soldier stationed at Fort Campbell. In the meantime, after graduation, she wants to work at a daycare on post.

“I love kids. In about a year, I want to go to college, major in Education and become a Kindergarten teacher at a DoDEA school,” Brittany said, adding that as a military dependent and soon to be a military wife, she understands the population and it will be her way of giving back.

“I believe by being a military dependent, I know how to console and empathize with children of the military,” she said. “I know how to help them through trying times, like when parents are deploying.”

Brittany shared that at one time she struggled with unknown goals and kept changing her mind about careers – that is until this year. Her calculus teacher, Mrs. Sharon Reyman, positively influenced her in deciding to be a teacher. She said, “Mrs. Reyman will work with students until the end of times….making sure you get it. She displayed that kind of acceptance, that shows you she is giving her all and you (the student) will not be left behind.”