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DoDEA Teacher of The Year Program

The DoDEA Teacher of the Year Program is designed to recognize and honor our outstanding teachers who exemplify the quality professionalism of our teaching work force. The DoDEA Teacher of the Year Program is modeled after the National Teacher of the Year Program, sponsored by the Chief States Schools Officers (CSSO), and provides an avenue for the DoDEA Teacher of the Year to be nationally recognized. Any stakeholder may nominate a DoDEA teacher for this award and is highly encouraged to participate in the nomination process.

Timeline Overview

Date Item POC
October Nominations FORM Accepted More information on Nominations School principal submits all nominations to DSO by end of October School Level Principal
November Nominees are notified Nominees complete District Teacher of the Year Application PACKET Learn more on why you should apply, eligibility & requirements District POC
Early Jan Application packets for District TOY due to DSO District POC
By end of February District Teacher of the Year announced District Teacher of the Year receives DoDEA Teacher of the Year Packet District Office
March District Teacher of the Year completes DoDEA Teacher of the Year
  1. application PACKET (March 1- 15)
  2. schedule recording of video (March 1-15)
  3. schedule picture with flag (March 1-15)
  4. get letters of support (March 1-15)
Review completed application packet with District POC - to include your video, all essays, letters of support and picture (March 16-31).
District POC
NLT 31 March Completed packet is uploaded into Schoology by District POC. District POC
End of May DoDEA Teacher of the Year Announced HQ

2018 DoDEA State Teacher of the Year Timeline

Please use the timeline below for important due dates.

Nomination Period
Oct. 3-28, 2016 Nominations sought in local communities.
Oct. - Dec. 15, 2016 Schools invite nominated teachers to complete the district application.
District Level Process
On or before
Jan. 13, 2017
Applications for District TOY due at the District Superintendent's Office. Emailed to District POC.
Jan. 23 - Feb. 10, 2017 District TOY selected by the district panel based on written application and virtual interview.
By Feb. 15, 2017 Notify and support nominated teachers in the TOY application process.
Feb. 15 - Mar. 15, 2017 District Teacher of the Year completes DoDEA TOY application and prepares video.
Mar. 15 - Mar. 31, 2017 District POC collaborates with District TOY winner to edit revise improve DoDEA TOY application and video and ensure it fully meets all expectations.
Mar. 31, 2017 DoDEA TOY application package (including video and official photo) unloaded to Schoology by District POC.
Headquarters Level Process
March 1, 2017 HQ Coordinator Identify and notify Selection Panel and Interview Panel members-send save the date as reminders.
On or Before
Mar. 31, 2017
DoDEA Application package from District TOY, including photo and video, due at DoDEA Headquarters. Upload via Schoology.
Apr. 3-7, 2017 DoDEA STOY community organized: written applications, videos, photos into two groups on Schoology.
Apr. 10-21, 2017 Selection Panel Review Period. Panel members will review applications and videos independently using scoring rubrics. Scores are submitted into Schoology.
Apr. 24-25, 2017 HQ reviews top 3 candidates from each group and set up candidate folders for the Selection Panel groups to do a second round of scoring.
Apr. 26 - May 1, 2017 Selection Panel Review Period of TOP applicants. Panel members will review applications and videos independently using scoring rubrics. Scores are submitted into Schoology.
On or before
May 1, 2017
Section Panel scoring rubrics and comments due to Schoology/HQ POC.
May 3-4, 2017 Top 3-5 candidates will be scheduled for virtual interview.
May 9-11. 2017 Virtual interviews with top 3-5 candidates by the HQ Interview Panel. Date(s) selected based on candidates and time zones.
Note: Interview panel convenes virtually (estimated time would be 6am EST-9am EST to accommodate the different time zones. But we will confirm the time once we have commitments from all panel members).
May 15-16, 2017 Provide written recommendation for 2018 DoDEA STOY to Deputy Director for the Director. Debrief the STOY selection with the Director as requested.
May 23, 2017 Final decision and endorsement from the Director.
On or Before
May 24, 2017
DoDEA TOY (district superintendent, principal, and district POC) are notified of the selection.
On or Before
May 29, 2017
Announcement of 2018 DoDEA TOY made via Weekly Packet and DoDEA Website.
SY 2017 and 2018 Recognition and professional development opportunities.
2018 DTOY and STOY year are January 2018-December 2018.
June - Oct. 2017 Technical work sessions with DoDEA TOY to revise national application and platform.
National Teacher of the Year Program Level Process
On or before
Oct. 27, 2017
The DoDEA State Coordinator submits the DoDEA TOY's complete official application package to the National TOY Program Office.
Jan. 2018 National selection committee (NTOY) announces four finalists.
Mar. 2018 Four finalists meet with national selection committee (NTOY) in a variety of situations, including individual interviews, for a three-day period.
Apr. 2018 2018 National TOY announced and honored in Washington DC at the White House by the President.