2013 Teacher of the Year: Program and Application Process

The DoDEA Teacher of the Year (ToY) Program is designed to recognize and honor outstanding teachers who exemplify the qualities of professionalism and excellence in our teaching workforce. The DoDEA ToY Program is modeled after the Nation's Teacher of the Year Program, sponsored by the Chief States Schools Officers, and provides an avenue for the DoDEA ToYs to be nationally recognized. Any stakeholder may nominate a DoDEA teacher for this award. Nominees are highly encouraged to participate in the application process.

Why Nominate and Why Apply?

The ToY Program brings RECOGNTION to great teachers, students, parents, districts, the profession, community, and DoDEA.


Letters of nomination will be accepted by the District Superintendent's Office (DSO) as determined by the timeline.

The 2013 nomination process will begin in May 2012
How to Nominate a Teacher?

(See link - http://www.dodea.edu/teachers/toy.cfm)

Nominate a great teacher by writing a letter (no more than one-typed written page) to the principal of the teacher's school. Please include the following:

  1. Name of teacher you are nominating with name of school
  2. Your relationship to the teacher (peer, parent, student, community leader, or administrator)
  3. Reasons why this teacher deserves to be nominated
  4. Include your name, address, duty stations, and phone number

Visual Overview of the ToY Application and Selection Process

process chart

A panel of judges comprised of stakeholders including administrator, educator/District Teacher of the Year, union representative, parent, community member, and student (where appropriate and feasible), will evaluate the applications at each stage of the Teacher of the Year process, including the school level.

Requirements, Responsibilities, and Recognitions/Awards for Teachers of the Year

District Teacher of the Year

  • Be a full-time, U.S. certified teacher in a DoDEA school
  • NOT have been selected as ToY during the previous 3 years
  • Have completed 3 years of successful teaching in the DoDEA system
  • Have been nominated by at least one stakeholder
  • Complete District ToY application
  • Submit nomination letter(s) and application to principal
  • Be a teacher leader in district
  • Work closely with DoDEA ToY to promote new initiatives for DoDEA
  • Become a member and voice in the DoDEA ToY professional development trainings
  • Monetary reward
  • Attendance at the DoDEA ToY Recognition and Professional Development Forum in D.C.
  • Trophy or Plaque
  • Congratulatory letters and/or certificates
  • DoDEA publicity

DoDEA Teacher of the Year
  • Selected as District ToY
  • Complete DoDEA/National ToY application
  • Submit three letters of support/recommendations
  • Create a video presentation
  • Complete cover page, including signatures from candidate, principal, district superintendent, and DoDEA ToY coordinator
  • Submit cover page, nominations, application packet, and DVD presentation to district superintendent
  • Be a teacher leader and "voice/representative" for DoDEA
  • Facilitate professional development and mentoring for District ToY
  • Work closely with DoDEA Headquarters staff on DoDEA initiatives and policies
  • Complete a semester "alternate duty status" to perform ToY duties
  • Present DoDEA messages and teacher platform to schools in DoDEA districts
  • Monetary reward
  • Presenter and facilitator at the DoDEA ToY Recognition and Professional Development Forum in D.C.
  • Trophy or plaque
  • Congratulatory letters and/or certificates
  • DoDEA publicity
  • Attendance at all National Teacher of the Year Events (National Teacher of the Year Conference, Recognition Week in D.C., Education of Commission of the States, International Space Camp, Next Steps Conference, and National Teacher Forum)