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DoDEA Virtual High School


Students in the foreground and a world map in the background.

DoDEA Eligibility

Eligibility to attend the DoDEA Virtual High School follows the same eligibility requirements for students attending any DoDEA brick and mortar school. DoDEA Schools include DDESS and DoDDS depending on geographical location.

Department of Defense Schools (DoDDS)

Non-DoD Schools Program (NDSP)

  • The Non-DoD Schools Program (NDSP) serves the students who live overseas where DoDDS schools are not available.
  • Children attend local private schools, public schools, or they receive home based education.

Feel free to visit the Non DoD Schools (NDSP) for more information to determine eligibility.

Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS)

  • All DoDEA Schools in the U.S. and Territories.  Feel free to visit the DDESS Eligibility Requirements page to see the specific information regarding requirements.

Domestic Transition Program

  • Dependents of active duty service members who PCS from an overseas location (DoDDS or NDSP) to a local stateside school or another accredited educational program in the United States (other than a DDESS school) are eligible to enroll in limited DVHS courses on a tuition basis.

    Please see the FAQ for more information.

Registration Procedures

Students interested in enrolling in DVHS courses should consult their local DoDEA high school counselor or NDSP Area Office to designate course requests. These requests will be forwarded to DVHS staff to place students in coursework according to openings at the time of course request. Enrollment is contingent upon DoDEA eligibility.