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DoDEA Virtual High School

Withdrawal Policy

Effective SY15/16, DoDEA AI 2000.1 (Sec 7.D.1) provides direction for when withdrawals may occur and what notations are required for student withdrawal.

If a student withdraws from a course on or before the 10th school day of the semester, there will be no notation on the transcript.

If a student withdraws between the 11th-19th school days of the semester, then a grade of WP (Withdrew Passing) or WF (Withdrew Failing) are notated to the grade earned at the time of withdrawal.

Courses may not be dropped after 20 days into the school quarter.

To make a withdrawal request, students should contact their local school and/or DVHS Counselor.When applicable, tuition reimbursement is on a pro-rated basis ending the third week of the semester.For more information please contact the DVHS at