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In Their Words

In Their Words... is a series of quotations from teachers, administrators, military leaders and our partners that speak to the circumstances, determination, and spirit that have better enabled our warriors and DoD civilians, past and present, to make lasting contributions to our nation's defense, and indeed the defense of freedom around the world.

The world has changed dramatically since our school system began in 1946-1947.
In School Year 2021 - 2022, we celebrate 75 years of educational support to military-connected families - empowered by the resourcefulness, dedication, and focused optimism of the men and women who established and operated schools in the aftermath of World War II.

Discovering the past, understanding the present, and creating a better future...

In Their Words

"DoDEA's commitment to serving a large, highly mobile, worldwide community sets it apart from the vast number of school systems nationwide. Its strength as a learning enterprise derives from an ongoing community strategic planning process. Enlightened thinking, energy, and creativity are brought to the challenges of building an environment for all children to grow, learn, and achieve their potential. The DoD sustained success in educating children for over 50 years reaffirms the soundness of these efforts and paves the way for the coming of the new millennium."

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An image from DoDEA's In Their Words product line featuring Dr. Lillian Gonzalez.

Dr. Lillian Gonzalez, 1996
Director, DoDEA ( 1994-1999)


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