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School Advisory Committee (SAC)

The School Advisory Committee is an organization that fosters participation in school affairs by members of the school and military communities and provides a coordinated process to address and resolve issues at the lowest practical level. SAC members advise the school principal on school matters, deal with issues brought to their attention by the school community, and establishes goals and objectives for the academic year.

SAC is composed of parents who are elected to the committee from the elementary, middle and high school sections, as well as professional school staff members. The School Advisory Committee also includes certain nonvoting liaison members including the school principal, school liaison officer, military garrison representative (or commander) and sometimes student representatives.

SAC meetings are held at least four times a year and notices are sent to parents prior to each meeting. These meetings are public meetings, though they are not meetings of the public. Parents and staff members are encouraged to attend SAC meetings to learn more about school programs and issues, and are invited to submit items to SAC members to be placed on the meeting agendas.

Feel free to submit an issue if there is something you'd like the SAC to address. Simply fill out the form below and drop it by the U.S. office at the school. We hope that you and your family have a great experience here at AFNORTH International School.

Download SAC Input Form (Microsoft Word Document)

View the SAC Training presentation

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

On behalf of the Parents and Teachers Organization (PTO) Committee, we welcome you all to our Organization, of which you are all automatically members. Our main aim this year is to encourage as much parental involvement in the School as possible, and to promote opportunities for increasing Parent and Teacher interaction. To achieve this aim, we need volunteers to offer their skills, enthusiasm and, above all, time. In a unique community such as ours, with people spread far and wide, and from a variety of backgrounds, we would hope that we all have at least one thing in common: the success of AFNORTH International School. With your support we will find ways to further develop the School community and add value to the excellence of the School. After a very successful year last year, we are keen to build on these achievements this year. Whether you can offer commitment to a PTO Committee position for the whole year, or just an hour occasionally to help a particular event, your support and time will be greatly appreciated, and will directly support our excellent School, and enrich the learning experience of our students. We look forward to meeting you very soon, and thank you in advance.

Visit the PTO Facebook page at: