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Albritton MS: Middle School Dress Policy

Middle School Dress Policy

The NC-Fort Bragg District adopted a standardized dress policy for middle school students in 1999.  We know this policy helps foster an environment of school pride and improves our safety, order and discipline while maintaining focus on academic achievement. The first requirement of a quality education is to create a safe and disciplined learning environment. The development of our standardized dress code policy is based on research and survey results from parents, teachers and students.

The objectives of this policy are to ensure the safety of students and to minimize the disruptions and distractions that can be caused by inappropriate attire. The guidelines set forth are to curb distractions and keep the focus of all students on academics. The policy applies to all students 6th - 8th grades.

Any speech, language, picture, or logo, etc. that promotes the illegal use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, or that promotes violence or discrimination, or that is lewd, vulgar, or obscene in nature, will not be tolerated at school. The school has the authority to limit any speech that materially and substantially disrupts the work and discipline of the school.

Shoes and Boots

Shoes and boots must be closed toe and closed heel with no more than one inch heel.


  • Size appropriate uniform shirts in red, blue, black, navy, or white must have buttons, sleeves (short or long), and collars. Pullover polo style or dress shirts/blouses with short or long sleeves must have collars. Only the top two buttons of a shirt may be undone.
  • Approved sweaters include pullovers, cardigans, sweater vest/sweater shirt style in any solid color.
  • Size appropriate sweatshirts, in a solid color, may be worn over an approved “uniform” shirt with collar, which must be worn and visible underneath. Hoodies may also be worn. Hoods may not be worn inside the school building. Sweatshirts and hoodies must be in a solid color or PTA-sponsored spirit wear. Only a small, pocket-sized logo is acceptable on sweatshirts and hoodies, no other graphics or text is allowed.
  • Outdoor jackets and/or coats cannot be worn inside the classroom during the school day. (PE teachers may authorize students to wear these items when students are outside during colder weather.) Jackets and coats shall be kept in the students’ lockers.
  • Turtle neck sweaters are acceptable and turtleneck shirts may be worn under an approved sweater or sweatshirt.
  • School-sponsored spirit wear (shirts or sweatshirts/hoodies) are acceptable tops to be worn any day of the week. The school-sponsored PE uniform top is NOT considered spirit wear and cannot be worn outside of PE.

Slacks/Walking Shorts/Dresses

  • All students may wear slacks and shorts in the following colors: black, tan/khaki, navy, or grey.
  • Girls may wear skirts or uniform dresses in the following solid colors: black, tan/khaki, navy, or grey. The bottom of the skirt or dress must fall at a length that is appropriate for school, which is no more than 4 inches from the center of the knee (both front and back).  The final determination of hemline length falls to the judgment of the school administrators.
  • If a belt is worn, it must be plain with no decoration. Novelty belts and novelty belt buckles are not allowed.
  • Walking shorts or skorts cannot be too short.  The bottom hem must be within 4 inches of the center of the knee.
  • Sagging pants are not allowed.
  • The following are not acceptable:
    • Overalls, Painter pants/Athletic/Spandex pants/Jeggings
    • Denim, or excessive flair bottoms
    • Excessively tight, baggy, or revealing clothing


  • Accessories including, but not limited to: earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, and bracelets will be limited to not more than two (2) each accessory.
  • Girls and boys may wear accessories that do not cause a safety concern and are not excessive or distracting to the educational environment. Oversized items are not acceptable. The determination will fall to the Administrative team if further clarification is needed.
  • Tattoos (real or temporary) and writing on the skin is not acceptable. A tattoo that is otherwise visible must be covered to the maximum extent possible.
  • Sweatbands, "Do-Rags," bandanas, scarves (neck and/ or hair), etc. are not allowed - hats may not be worn in the building.
  • Novelty/costume items such as pins, gloves, non-prescription glasses are not permitted.
  • Headbands that have ears or other protruding objects are distracting and are not allowed.
  • Oversized purses/handbags/backpacks/bags must remain in lockers.
  • Leotards/hosiery and socks must be a solid color. Leggings may only be worn under skirts or jumpers and do not meet the dress code standard for pants.

PE Uniform Requirements

  • solid blue shorts of an appropriate length (no more than 4 inches above the middle of the knee)
  • a solid gray or white tee shirt 
  • socks and appropriately fitted tennis shoes that must be tied
  • solid colored sweat pants (loose fit) in black, blue, or gray without writing (NO yoga pants or leggings)
  • PE uniform clothing should not be worn underneath school uniform after PE class.
  • We will NOT allow spirit wear shirts as part of the PE uniform.

More Information

If you have any questions or need clarification concerning appropriate or acceptable clothing for school, please contact the school principal.  Administrators reserve the right and will address any situation and/or dress code violation (items not covered) that may disrupt the learning environment.