Albritton MS: Albritton Athletics

Sports' Physical Clearance Form 


A number of athletic endeavors are available to students at Albritton MS.

  • All games begin at 4:00 pm
  • For further information, please contact Athletic Director Kelly Melvin.

Sports Activities

Fall Winter Spring
Soccer Boys' Basketball Boys' Track
Football Girls' Basketball Girls' Soccer
Volleyball Wrestling Boys' Baseball
Girls' Track   Girls' Softball


Practice Policy

We believe that the athletic program is a very important part of the Albritton MS curriculum.  Our coaches give many hours of their time in the evening to work with students. However, they cannot supervise students for extended periods of time beyond the scheduled practice sessions.

All AMS students who participate in sports must be picked up promptly following practice sessions. Coaches are not on duty status after the close of the sessions, but will remain for fifteen minutes following the practice to ensure that all students are supervised. 

Students who have not been picked up at the end of fifteen minutes will be brought to the main office. 

We realize that emergencies arise, therefore students will be allowed 2 exceptions to the policy. Students left after the 15 minute grace period more than two times will be removed from the team.  

This policy will be enforced at Albritton to ensure the safety of all students who participate in sports events. NO student should be left unsupervised on school grounds.

Coaches will dismiss practice sessions promptly so that parents will not have to wait.  Dismissal times for each sport are listed below.

Practice Dismissal Times

Sport Dismissal Time
Wrestling 5:00 pm
Baseball 5:30 pm
 Girls' Basketball

 5:00 pm
Wednesdays: 5:30 pm

 Track 5:00 pm
 Soccer 5:00 pm
 Softball 5:15 pm
 Volleyball 5:00 pm
 Football 5:30 pm
(except during tryouts)
 Boys' Basketball 5:00 pm
Mondays: 5:30 pm