Department of Defense Education Activity
Pre-School Services for Children with Disabilities
Pre-School Services for Children with Disabilities: PSCD is a generic program, which serves preschool students, aged 3 through 6 with varying disabilities or handicapping conditions. To qualify for the program, a child must exhibit a 6-month delay in two or more developmental areas, or approximately a one-year delay in one developmental area. The developmental areas are:

Physical condition of the child
Gross and fine motor skills
Cognition (understanding of knowledge)
Social development
Emotional development

The PSCD class is self-contained and structured so that opportunities are provided for individual as well as small and large group instruction. In addition to structured learning experiences, time is provided for the child to participate in an activity of his/her choice. Curriculum areas for the program include the following:

Social-behavioral skills
Expressive/receptive language development
Cognitive development
Pre-academic skills (mathematics, writing, reading)
Sensory-motor skills (fine and gross motor perceptual integration)
Self-help skills

Child Find is an ongoing process used by DoDEA and the military departments to actively seek and identify individuals who are eligible to receive special education and related services.  If you have developmental concerns for your child and would like to arrange a developmental screening, please contact Dr. Fred Hall (268-4370) or Mr. Ian Hunter (268-4392).