Department of Defense Education Activity

Homework Policy


The amount and frequency of homework will vary from class to class. We encourage parental participation and assistance with homework. Home/School cooperation is a positive benefit for all students. Parents should encourage a home reading program and visit the library. Children always benefit from being read to or reading independently. The suggested amount of homework is:

Grades Total Hours (Range)
3-5 30-45 minutes daily and special individual assignments as needed

We endorse the use of homework as an instructional tool because research studies in this area indicate that homework, which is accompanied by meaningful feedback, enhances student learning. The school also recognizes that young people are more than students and need time for family interaction, play, and work as well as for study; therefore, homework should not infringe excessively on the student's out-of-class time. The school supports the development of study skills as an integral part of a student's education and the assignment of academically appropriate homework is an extension of classroom instruction and supports the teacher's instructional objectives. Often when it appears a student has excessive homework, in fact it may be unfinished class work. Stay in touch with the teacher when you have concerns. Homework assignments each week will be consistent with suggested guidelines per grade level.

Homework is defined as assignments to be done outside the classroom to reinforce classroom instruction, increase understanding and retention, transfer and extend classroom instruction, prepare for class discussion and provide curriculum enrichment opportunities. Our policy is to assign homework as appropriate to all students capable of completing assignments.

Homework assignments are reinforcements for classroom curricular areas and are assigned to support student learning as appropriate for the ability of the student. Assigned homework will reinforce instruction accomplished in class; it will not introduce new or unfamiliar concepts or skills.