Department of Defense Education Activity

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Tardiness/Late Arrivals to School

When a student is late for school, his/her parents are required to sign the student in at the main office and fill out a tardy slip. Students cannot be dropped off without any notification by the parents or guardians.

Early Student Arrivals

Students are not permitted in the school before or after school hours unless under the supervision of a teacher. There is no supervision for children before 0835.

Cancellation and Unscheduled Dismissal of School

It may be necessary at some point during the year to cancel/close the school due to political emergencies, strikes, facility breakdowns, weather, etc. If it is not possible to get written notice out to parents in advance, the U.S. Forces radio and TV will be used to broadcast changes. Parents should make arrangements for an alternative place for their children to go whenever there is no one at home to meet them. The decision to cancel school is made by the Base Commander. When school is canceled, all available communication systems will be used to notify parents as far in advance as possible.

For detailed information of Tropical Cyclone/Typhoon conditions and how they impact school operations, access this link:  Tropical Cyclone/Typhoon Guide

Picking Up Students After School

1. Parents are not permitted to drive cars or park in the "Staff Only" parking lots or bus loading area. When picking up children, park in designated areas. Double parking is illegal and cars may be ticketed.

2. Parents are required to sign children out in the office when picking up children during the school day.

3. If older siblings pick up children, establish a meeting place outside the building.