Department of Defense Education Activity

Communication Procedures

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Frequent communication between the teacher and parent is essential for ensuring that each child is afforded the best possible learning situation. If you have a question or concern about your child’s progress in school, please contact your child’s teacher by calling the main office at 634-1329 or sending a note via your child. Arrangements will then be made for a conference. All conferences require prearranged appointment times. Parents are welcome at AEIS anytime.

However, because we value teaching time, we ask that parents who visit a classroom during instructional time and wish to discuss the needs of their child, schedule an appointment, so that we may give your concerns the full attention they deserve.

School-wide conferences are scheduled for all parents at the end of the first marking period. The military commands support this school/family effort by providing release time to active duty parents so that they may attend.

Classroom Visits by Parents

Parent visits to the classroom are welcome but meetings/discussions should be prearranged with the teacher, usually 24 hours ahead. We, at AEIS, strive to ensure that we provide an academic environment. An interruption made to a classroom disrupts the learning process. Therefore, we ask that parents schedule an appointment with the teacher so that S/He may discuss the needs of the child in private with you.

Telephone Messages

We discourage children from bringing money or valuable items to school such as, cell phones, walkmans, CD players, etc. We ask that, when necessary, students carry money in a neck purse or billfold and never leave it in their desk or book bag. Skateboards and scooters are also not allowed at school. The school cannot be responsible for the security of these items.

Chain of Command

Parents are encouraged to resolve student matters directly with teachers. However, when it is impossible for matters to resolve at the teacher level, please refer your concern to a school administrator. School-level Chain of Command:


 If resolution is not possible at the school level, such matters may be raised higher through the following Chain of Command.