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Fort Campbell -- Young art: DAC art show celebrates students' visions

by Karen Parr-Moody

The Leaf Chronicle
Fort Campbell, KY | March 1, 2013

Dina Del Rio, 17, dreams of outer space. Her passion is for math and she plans to study aerospace engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology after graduating high school this spring.
The study of art?
"It's a relaxing thing," said the delicately built girl with thick brown hair. "I just zone out." Del Rio attends Fort Campbell High School, where she is in four Advance Placement classes (for which she can get college credit) and is a major achiever. She is in the top GPA tier of her school and her smart phone includes a color coded list of tasks to tick off (including "read Hamlet" for an AP literature class and "check stocks" for an economics class). But when Del Rio arrives at art teacher Hanna Hale's class two to three days a week, she's off in another direction.

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