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Fort Knox -- FKHS Junior participating in Academy Program

by Tatiana Wynder

The Gold Standard
Fort Knox, KY | March 25, 2013

Fort Knox High School Junior Will Ostlund was chosen to participate in the United States Military Academy Summer Leader Exper-ience this summer. Ostlund was one of the 38 students nationwide chosen to participate in the prestigious program that allows upcoming seniors to assess whether or not the USMA is right for them.
This program, a step up from taking the West Point tour, will allow Ostlund to be a "cadet for a week."By taking specialized classes such as engineering and weaponry familiarization, he will be able to better consider West Point as a possible college choice.
Ostlund explained why he applied for the weeklong program, "Ever since the beginning of my sophomore year, I began to consider West Point as the path that I want to take."West Point is a different college experience than most. There is a greater disciplinary process, a more structured schedule and it has a premiere education. It's also a plus that you already have a job as an officer in the Army (upon graduation) for five years, and your tuition, room, and board are all paid for.
"Ostlund should be a competitive candidate during the USMA application process next year. As a junior, he is the president of the Environmental Science Club, an S5 public affairs officer in JROTC, a member of the National Honor Society, a varsity goalie for Fort Knox High School's boys' soccer team and a varsity tennis player.
Attending Fort Knox High School as a military brat also shows West Point's admission's office that Ostland isn't new to the military lifestyle.Wherever he chooses to go, Ostlund plans on focusing on science and majoring in chemical engineering. From there he hopes to either "go medical or straight infantry." Eventually Ostlund hopes to pursue a job in the (Central Intelligence Agency).
Ostlund explained that applying to a military academy might be the right choice for him, Ostlund replied, "The military is all I've ever known. I've always lived on military bases. I like that you can start over; I'm comfortable moving around—I enjoy having that mobility."

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