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Fort Knox --- Walker Students Win "State Championship"

by Jerry Leitzell, the Gold Standard

The Gold Standard
Fort Knox, KY | November 1, 2012

     Walker Intermediate School has won the state championship for the President's Physical Fitness Challenge. Walker is one of three Kentucky schools to receive this award for last school year. 
     The school's PE teacher is Jeff Davis. Principal Dr. Todd Kreider said that Walker has won the award for 13 of the past 14 years.
     Students are tested in their abdominal strength and endurance, leg strength and agility, flexibility of the lower back, cardio-respiratory endurance, and arm and shoulder strength. These areas are tested through activities such as the mile run, curl-ups, pull-ups and the shuttle run. Students are tested in each area at the beginning and the end of the school year so they can measure their improvement in these fitness areas as they participate in the many activities offered in Davis' PE classes.
     This is the last year that "State Champion" recognition will be awarded. It will be replaced by a new recognition system from the Presidential Fitness Program, which Walker School plans to participate in once the details are announced.

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