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High School Sweethearts Come Full Circle

Devilpup Tribune
Camp Lejeune, NC | May 22, 2014

Anisa Trody with her dad

Anisa Trody with her dad | Photo: Unknown

High school sweethearts who marry are sometimes hard to find.  What is rarer is to find the daughter of those high school sweethearts attending the same school where they met. Rarer yet is the fact that the school is a Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) school.  

Anisa Trody's parents met in 1992 at Lejeune High School. As a freshman in high school, the future Mrs. Trody was walked by her best friend to Mrs. Tootle's class for Spanish each day. After walking her to class for some time, Mr. Trody gathered the courage to ask her on a date. They hit it off and she and Mr. Trody went to prom together in 1996.  

They married two years after her graduation.  In 1999, Anisa was born and remained the only child. As she grew up, she moved around just like the rest of military dependents, from station to station and attending several different schools. When her dad got orders to move to Camp Lejeune, she said it was kind of cool because she already knew a lot about the school since her mom and dad went there.  

She said she has some of the same teachers as her parents including Mrs. Tootle, Mrs. Martinez, Mr. Schumacher and Mrs. Woodworth. When her mom attends parent-teacher conferences she always looks for her old teachers to visit. Anisa said her parents are more actively involved in her school activities because they know the teachers and administrators at the school better.  

Her mom said, "coming back and you can see the teachers still care and they have a special touch." The biggest changes her mom said she has noticed are that the auditorium and cafeteria are smaller and the gym is newer.  

Military moves from one installation to another can be stressful, especially when they are frequent.  In the Trody family's case, Anisa's parents met and Anisa was able to attend the same school because of those military moves.  Their stories have become part of the many great memories that have been made on the campus of Lejeune High School over time.


Anisa's parents at their Prom, LHS 1996.

Anisa's parents at their Prom, LHS 1996. | Photo: Unknown

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