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Quantico M/HS Honor Their Athletic Warriors

by Lance Cpl. Antwaun Jefferson

Quantico Sentry
Quantico VA | February 27, 2012

Quantico Middle/High School held its annual winter athletic award assembly in their auditorium on Feb. 27. The ceremony featured all the winter sports programs including varsity and middle school basketball and cheerleading

“I have coached a lot of teams and I really want to publicly say that this is the team I’m most proud of,” said Frank Michela, head coach for the middle school Lady Warriors. “These girls started in November and not one girl ever played on a team. None knew what a zone was or where to stand, yet they came so far and improved so much because of their focus and comment to being better every day. If we could go back to play the same teams over again we would definitely win a lot more games.”

Next up was the cheerleading team, which three individual awards were given out; Coaching, Warrior, and Most Improved award.

Christina, a senior and team captain, was given the Coaching award for being a committed, dependable and the advocate for the squad.

The Warrior award went to Elisa, a freshman, for always being positive, keeping the team smiling and always willing to do what was needed for the team.

The last award for the most improved went to Andrea, a sophomore, for taking the advice the coaches gave her in the beginning and excelling at her position.

The next team to receive awards was the Lady Warriors Varsity Basketball Team, presented by their head coach Paul Roy.

“All the coaches for the teams we faced always told me that, even though my team was young and a little inexperienced, they were still the most aggressive team they faced all year,” Roy said. “It was a great season, and hopefully next year we can pick up where we left off and take home the championship.”

Julia, a freshman, received the Heart and Hustle award because, even though she would get injured, she always wanted to be in the game. She hustled all the time and always had a fighting spirit.

The offensive MVP went to Marquis, a sophomore, for scoring at least 14 points in every game and taking command of the offense when necessary to get a win.

The overall MVP went to Ashton, a senior. The award went to the person who Roy believed an athlete should be. A player that’s always at practice, always listen, gives 110 percent, and not criticizes the players or coaches

The Warriors Boys Varsity Basketball Team was the last to retrieve their awards. The most improved award went to Alex, a senior. The Warrior award went to Ronald, a senior and the MVP was Jaylen, a junior.

“They are a great group of young men and we had a lot of fun,” said Eddie Cottrell, the head coach for the Warriors. “I will miss these guys very much.”


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