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"Tough to Talk" promotes dialogue

Bayonet - By Adrienne Anderson

Ft. Benning | October 5, 2012

Faith Middle School is taking a new initiative to help create dialogue between parents and their children with its new “Tough to Talk” series.
The series explores issues young teens face including surviving high school, sex, drugs and alcohol, and bullying.
The sessions are facilitated by Military Family Life Consultant and gives parents opportunities to explore issues that may be difficult for them to discuss with their children.
The school held it’s first session Thursday and discussed the issue of suicide to coincide with the Armywide Suicide Stand Down. The discussion centered on what parents and children can do if they notice signs that someone might be thinking about committing suicide by exploring the signs, statistics and those most vulnerable.
“There are things that are tough to talk about,” said Dan Perkins, Faith Middle School principal. “(And) it falls outside the realm of normal school stuff.”
Understanding that many parents may feel strongly about how information is presented to their children — these sessions are held in the afternoons and are for those parents interested in gaining insight into sensitive subjects, Perkins said. This is the school’s way of reaching out to the community and supporting Families. The next session will be on bullying and is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 24.
“That one is of lots of interest to lots of folks and it’s a big initiative by the Department of Defense — that seems to be a topic that’s on everybody’s mind,” he said.
Although the school has topics lined up, Perkins said he welcomes input from parents on what topics of interest should be.
“If folks have ideas — we are all ears,” he said. “We’re just trying to meet the needs of the community and be responsible community members.”
Those interested in providing feedback or additional ideas are welcome to contact Perkins directly at or by calling the school at 706-545-0310

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