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Devers Pet Donation

by Sharilyn Wells

Colombia Paragliding
Fort Bragg | February 28, 2012

First graders from Devers Elementary School came together to donate food, treats, toys and other supplies for their 1st Grade Community partnership with the Fort Bragg Veterinarian Clinic and the Adoption Facility. Teaching to their social studies curriculum and standard, the first graders were able to see first hand how to be a part of their community and give back.

"This teaches them about kindness, friendship, and that military children can make a huge difference in the community," said Susie Gutierrez, a first grade teacher. "It shows them that when they are waiting for mommy or daddy to come home, they too can make a difference and give back."
Capt. Alicia O’Toole from the Vet Clinic brought two dogs and a cat to show the children and teach them about animal safety. She explained how to approach a dog, how to handle or pet a dog and animal safety. She also went over cat safety and how to properly pick up one as well.

"One of the most important things a school can do is form a partnership with their community and local businesses," explained Cynthia Ferguson, Vice Principal of Devers. This is the second year the first graders have come together to help out animals in need.


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