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Devil Pups' Volleyball Set up for Strong Season

by Jessie Heath

The Globe
Camp Lejeune, NC | September 13, 2012

Nobody is immune to pressure. When the weight of the game is on your shoulders, crowds are chanting your names in the stands and your teammates are holding your breath, you are faced with two choices. You can rise to the occasion, or let fear and nerves get the best of you.

The members of the junior varsity and varsity volleyball teams at Lejeune High School are learning what it means to rise to the occasion this season. With new head coach Mark Carlsen holding the reins, the Devil Pups are ready to see success come their way.

Even though their conference games are just beginning, the Devil Pups' volleyball team already sees a major improvement in the technical side of their game. The way they handle the ball and their technical skills improved vastly over the 2011 season, and provide hope for volleyball fans it may be Lejeune's year to win something other than a set.

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