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Lejeune Defense Tested By Northside

by Allie Landen

The Globe
Camp Lejeune, NC | August 27, 2015

The Lejeune High School varsity soccer team had their work cut out for them when they faced Northside Monday at Brewster Middle School field aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. The teams were a bit uneven with Northside's roster touting a staggering 27 players, while Lejeune's roster only had 16.

The game started as any other with each team keeping good possession and making excellent runs downfield. Early on, however, Northside started focusing on their passing game;they found some holes in Lejeune's defense which lead to four goals before Lejeune secured its first.

The Devilpups kept their heads up and showed a tremendous amount of effort to win the ball, but they often found themselves out-numbered in the back. By halftime, the game was 5-1, Northside.

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