DoDEA Americas Logistics

Who We Are

The DoDEA Americas Logistics, resides at Peachtree City, Georgia, we are a component of HQ DoDEA Logistics Division whom reports to the Chief of Logistics Division at DoDEA Headquarters.

Our Mission

We are a diverse team of experts providing independent assessment, review, oversight and training for logistics programs to advance continuous improvement and effectiveness at district and community levels.

Our Vision

The core of our program is to lead by example, promote efficiency and assist district logistic personnel in the performance of their assigned duties

Our Priorities

  • Review and Evaluate current Logistics Programs
  • Provide Regional Oversight
  • Develop Standardization
  • Educate and Train
  • Conduct Analysis and Assessments to ensure Continuous Improvement


The regional office is comprised of four positions. Our primary responsibilities are in the areas of Asset Management, Transportation Management, Outfitting and Student Meal Program. We exist to support and enhance the educational process by securing and managing effectively and efficiently student transportation services, management of assets and materials; interservice support resources and ensuring that healthy, nutritious and affordable meals are provided to our students.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct Program Assessments and Reviews
  • Collaborate and coordinate with HQ DoDEA, DoDEA Pacific, DoDEA Europe and supporting installations on policies, procedures and processes pertaining to logistics programs and services
  • Conduct Staff Assistance Visits
  • Provides oversight of Logistics Programs in the perspective of compliance, effectiveness, and efficiency
  • Provides standardization in the management of programs through the use of policy, procedures and checklist
  • Observes the quality performance of logistics services and contracts; and their effectiveness or opportunity for improvement
  • When requested, conduct data collection and prepare reports on high-impact, high-visibility programs that are of significant interest to the success of our programs
  • Serves as the regional logistics management level for centralized logistics activities for DoDEA Americas, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast School Districts
  • Provide subject-matter expertise related to the management of logistics programs
  • Identify systemic issues, trends, and problem indicators across the Americas school districts, allowing for leadership to make data-driven decisions

DoDEA Americas Logistics Contacts

Asset Management

(678) 364-8021

Transportation Management

(678) 364-8038

Student Meal Program

(678) 364-8038/8021