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March 28, 2006 — Two Fort Bragg educators have been selected to participate in the Oxford Round Table Sessions this spring and summer at the University of Oxford, Oxford, England. Following a series of screening processes, Claudia Powell, speech language pathologist, and Dr. Emily March, Fort Bragg assistant superintendent, have received invitations.

Powell will attend a spring session at Lincoln College in the University of Oxford, March 26 through March 31, 2006. She will join a small interdisciplinary group of 35 people with training and particular interests in the field of special education. The Round Table will be concerned with the physical, mental and social conditions that require special consideration in order to assure desirable educational outcomes for children with disabilities. The Round Table sessions will consider criteria for diagnosis, treatment, and educational protocols and will explore arrangement that can facilitate unification of parents, teachers, social workers, and health-care professionals in the provision of free appropriate education.

Marsh will attend a fourth annual session on Women's Leadership at the St. Anne's College in the University of Oxford on during the week of August 6-11, 2006. The Round Table will consider the social, religious, and cultural practices that restrain women's achievement of leadership roles in the modern world. The small interdisciplinary group of 35 people who have knowledge of the issues and share a common concern of women's rights will also be invited to submit a paper and to make a formal presentation on any relevant aspect of the general topic.