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For Immediate Release — May 10, 2007 | Americas
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PEACHTREE CITY, GA. — May 10, 2007 — The outcome of the “A-76 Competitive Sourcing Competition,” was announced Tuesday when the Fort Campbell Schools Community Superintendent opened the envelope and read the results of the competition cost comparison to the potentially affected employees of Department of Defense (DoD) Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS).

This cost competition was originally announced by Dr. Joseph D. Tafoya, DoDEA Director, on Sept.12, 2005. The purpose of the competition was to determine whether work currently performed by the U.S. government employees should remain in house or be contracted to the private sector. In this instance, the result of the competition is to have the work performed by a contractor.

The work is in the area of custodial and facilities maintenance at Fort Campbell Schools. In this case, the contractor bid was lower than the government’s bid. In approximately 30 days, the contractor will begin phase-in and will fully implement by Sept. 8, 2007. This decision affects 49 people employed at Fort Campbell Schools.

The intent of OMB Circular A-76 is to improve productivity and enhance economy of work performed by the government. The OMB circular mandates that whenever commercial sector performance of a Government operated commercial activity is permissible, comparison of the cost of contracting and the cost of in-house performance shall be performed to determine who will do the work. When conducting cost comparisons, agencies must ensure that all costs are considered and that these costs are realistic and fair. In compliance with OMB Circular A-76 the government prepared a Most Efficient Organization (MEO). The cost of the MEO became the government’s bid for the performance of the custodial and facilities maintenance work.