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Antilles High School Wins NASSP Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching Democracy

Antilles HS students registering to vote in the mock election.

Antilles HS students register to vote in mock election

PEACHTREE CITY, GA — March 23, 2017 — Antilles High School has been awarded the National Association of School Secondary Principals (NASSP) Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching Democracy.

The entry was an instructional collaboration with the teacher, Ms. Patricia Ortiz, the Education Technologist Yvonne Sanders, community partners, Col. Michael T. Harvey, Fort Buchanan Garrison Commander, and his leadership team. The team constructed a ballot for a mock election, which gained a lot of interest from the Antilles High School students.

“We were able to add the candidates running for public office in Puerto Rico, as well as the two presidential candidates running for office, to our mock election ballot,” said Yvonne Sanders, AHS Education Technologist. “Election day in the United States was the same for Puerto Rico because it is a U.S. Territory. This increased the interest of the students with dual citizenship in both Puerto Rico and the United States. Many of our students have never lived on the mainland, so their interest was heightened, too.”

The American Association of School Administrators, the National Association of State Boards of Education, the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the National Association of Student Councils, and the League of Women Voters all sponsor awards for outstanding voter education projects in cooperation with the National Student/Parent Mock Election.

The National Student/Parent Mock Election’s mission is “to light a fire in the hearts of our young, empowering them to preserve and protect government of the people, by the people and for the people for generations to come.” Since its inception in 1980, the National Student/Parent Mock Election has involved 20,000 schools and 5 million voters in presidential election years. More than 60 national education and civic organizations and corporations are partners.